CorporateMirrors is a technology and data-driven organization. Our strategies are completely based on insights drawn from consistent data mining. This inclination towards data and technology helps us provide higher efficiency and better results

Web Development .

A website is the first impression you make on your prospective clients and must depict the essence of your brand through every aspect of it. With our expertise in graphic designing, storytelling and search algorithms, we ensure that your brand gets a creative edge over your competitors and provide seamless experience to your users

Web and Mobile Applications .

Our web and mobile applications address a wide range of business needs. We create highly intuitive, dynamic, easy, reliable, end to end solutions that will be comfortable to use for both tech-savvy and novice users

Social Media and Web Analytics .

Digital Analytics is one of the most effective way of understanding your consumers and augmenting your marketing efforts. While social media analytics help you track, understand and improve your engagement on social media, web analytics helps you track, measure, analyze and manipulate your web traffic.

Content Analytics .

Content Analytics gives you an insight into how your content/ brand is performing in terms of awareness, reach and advocacy. Tracking and benchmarking the performance of your content is a crucial step towards improving your brand recall and reach.

Social Listening .

A brand’s online reputation is the aggregation of all the information about it present online. This also includes what your consumers are talking about your brand, their feedback and suggestions. Social listening is a continuous process and gives you a peek into your consumer’s world. We, at CorporateMirrors, understand the importance of this and take up this responsibility so that you can reap all the benefits without having to put in the effort.

Digital marketing .

Digital marketing encompasses a wide range of maneuvers and specialized techniques that a brand can adopt to get increased visibility. With almost every one of us always online, digital marketing has become an indispensable aspect of any brand’s marketing strategy.

Performance Marketing .

Performance marketing or Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the fastest way to get your brand among the top results on a search page and get targeted traffic. We use various digital marketing platforms, innovative algorithms, programmatic bidding and attribution models to get you the best results with minimum cost.

Social Media .

We realize and recognize the role of social media in today’s world. Through our creative thinking and innovative approach, we assure maximum outreach for your brand to your target audience in minimum possible time. We assist in the effective use of Social Media not only as a promotional tool to grab the maximum number of eyeballs but also as an effective feedback system to establish quality control and strategic management reviews.

Search Engine Optimization .

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the method of optimizing your website or page to get better visibility on a search engine’s unpaid results. Though the primary goal of SEO is to improve your website’s ranking on Google, we also consider this as an indicator for your user engagement. We, through our ingenuity and deep understanding of search algorithms, ensure optimum visibility for your brand.

Affiliate Marketing .

While advertising is one of the most explored mediums of marketing, advertising and selling products through partner sites is a relatively new trend termed as Affiliate Marketing. An affiliate marketing value chain has two main stakeholders- a merchant/business in need of advertising and a publisher through whom the business will advertise and sell their products

Email Marketing .

Studies say, 66% of online consumers have made a purchase as a result of an email. We also believe that email marketing is all about creating relationships and the subject line plays a very important role in it. So, we spend a lot of our time in understanding your market, segmenting them and sending them customized emails to create the right relationships.

Video Marketing .

As Mike Henry says,” We’re operating in a world where one good video can lead to a massive social following”. Video marketing has become an important subset of content marketing strategies. We believe video has the power to create curiosity among your audience, engage them and communicate your story. We invest a lot of effort and time into coming up with videos that succinctly portrays your brand/product.

Image Retouching .

Retouching of ecommerce and vendor-provided images is often part of the post-production activities of content production. The need for faster turnaround time and intense budgetary constraints have led many retailers to seek retouching assistance from vendors. We recognize this need for higher quality retouched pictures. Our experienced team coupled with our ethical business practices and strong adherence to timeline provides you the best in class pictures in your budget

Brand is experience, experience is brand. At CorporateMirrors, we work as your Brand Launch Vehicle- we help you launch, reinvent and catapult your brand. Our goal is to build and strengthen your brand’s relationship with your audience. We believe in creating memorable brand experiences and lasting impact

Strategy .

We help you decide and define a strategy that communicates your brand story and journey. As big believers of Simon Sinek’s saying ”People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it”, we sharpen and perfect your brand message to clearly narrate the value your brand delivers, delineate a path that help you reach your goals and create lasting relationships with your target audience. We come up with strategies keeping your brand at the centre so that we can deliver a concise and compelling message.

Creative Designs .

We energize and invigorate your brand with our unrelenting curiosity, creativity and vision. We combine strategy, our past experiences and your customer insights to portray the essence of your brand through design and storytelling.

Trends, Insight and Planning .

We take a lot of care to understand your market through continuous and consistent data mining. We customize our proprietary information system to evaluate the market scope of your brand and recommend optimal launch and positioning strategy.

Public Relations .

We agree with Richard Branson when he says, “Publicity is absolutely critical. A good PR story is infinitely more effective than a frontpage ad.” The only thing worse than being talked about, and that’s not being talked about. Having worked with various forms of media, we understand the power of media, and know how to use it to tell your story and bring credibility to your brand

CorporateMirrors, we act as a conduit in the discovery of potential market leaders and are doing our part in upskilling Indian youth. We polish and cultivate obscure talents and bring out the best in them. We act as a friend, philosopher and guide in their professional journey.

Training .

We believe that true potential lies between what is and what could be. We induct students and equip them with the knowledge to make their own journey from ‘what is’ to ‘what could be’. Our inducted trainees get exposed to rigorous hands-on training and learn on the job. We ensure that our trainees get to work on real life projects and are ready to hit the ground running once their training is complete. This influx of new talent to the CorporateMirrors pool helps us keep current and always bring something new to the table for our clients.

Workshops .

We understand the skills gap that exists in the Indian employment market. Our team is committed to upskilling and we conduct and participate in workshops all over India. We work with students and experienced professionals alike. Through these workshops, we equip you with skills that will help you navigate the ever-changing world of business intelligence, strategy, and communication. Our workshops range from human-centric design to data-driven strategy creation to digital marketing