Do you want to increase and amplify your success in social media marketing? 

Then we say to increase your success you need increase in engagement

Let it be your followers/customers if you want to succeed in online marketing you need to engage with them Yeah I know what is running in your mind while reading it,

Many say this but when it comes to practical implementation it is a bullshit, I think these might be the questions running through your mind like do real people engage with company or brands online ? or are there any realistic chances to start a conversation with viewers? 

According to a survey  

There are 62.8 % of High engaging consumers who at-least engage once per week and 28 % of Moderate engaging consumers who actually engage less than once per week , this means 90% of consumers want to engage with brands.

High Engaging customers buy more and it is also very easy to attract these high engaging consumers and they are open to inspire so we can do that from online videos and social channels most of them don’t read the lines between the video because they are that much hyper-engaged 

Many companies have this engagement gap and if they can sort this issue out they can really make a good business … so we always suggest our clients create more engaging content.

Remember social platforms are not same like before their algorithm have changed more people who subscribe to your channel will see your post so to make them subscribe

we need an engaging content and for that, you need efficient content writers